Because so many people have asked me to do it – this blog is hoped to be the tale of the trials and challenges of my bringing to life a vintage sports car from what looks like a pile of junk.

As found, my Riley Falcon 4 door, 4 seater saloon is a little sad – the bodywork is in an extremely poor condition and is decidedly too far gone for economical restoration by anyone. So in the same way that adventure seeking people in the 30‘s took their first steps into the exciting world of motorsport, this car will not be ‘restored’ but it will receive new hand built coachwork in the style of a period competition automobile.

The eventual body style is still in the early design phase and no decisions have yet been made. It may be a period style 2 seater ‘Le-Mans / Tourist Trophy (TT)’ racer, a Bentley style tourer or possibly even an old school 4 seater open tourer. However it turns out, the intent is to use it in motorsport events run by the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) i.e timed trials, sprints, hill climbs or driver challenges. Fun for all the family.

As the great motor enthusiast Toad of Toad Hall once said…. “poop poop”…

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