The engine is back!

I finally got the call to tell me that the engine build had been completed, the engine had been started and it had oil pressure. Post build checks had been completed so I can pick up the engine. So thats what I did today – popped down to Chippenham with a trailer on the back of my trusty Jaguar. A straight forward 2 hour drive at the legal limit of towing. By 11:20am the engine had been picked up, money exchanged hands and I was on my way home again.

Below you can see the ‘semi race’ engine in its ‘Riley Blue’ livery. Not quite a crated Corvette Engine but this is old school and still exciting.

Whilst I remember below is a shot of the reconstructed Centrifugal clutch – completely refurbished with all the wear welded up and re-machined, all the moving parts have new bronze bushes (and the correct springs) then it was fully balanced. It should hopefully last another 80 years and I hope this is the last time I actually see it. Under rotational force those heavy bob weights fly outwards and clamp the clutch – when the engine is at approximately 500rpm – the weights have returned to home and the clutch is released – automatically. Its impossible to stall the car – A wonderful old technology but it is really heavy!

Following a quick break for lunch, it was back to work on the installation which went relatively smoothly, the engine has to fit into a small space and it is properly fiddly trying to align the spline of the gearbox into the clutch plate AND squeezing the engine in. But saying that by 2:30pm it was back in the car. A good days work. The follow on work is of course connecting everything else up to get it to the point of a safe test start…

After that comes the running in regime, so that the engine components all bed in properly.

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