Inspection light

A fun distraction. I bought a vintage inspection lamp at Beaulieu many many months ago. It was looking very sad and not working but was priced cheaply because of that. I took a risk with the mindset of how hard can it be to get it working. Two wires and a lamp plus a bit of grease to get the winding handle moving.

Turns out I was right. The original lead is stored inside the lamp and pulls out when you want to use it. It was jammed in but some patience saw it coming out eventually. The brass connector plugs into the instrument panel and is as simple as that.

It took a bit of work to free up the handle workings and resoldering the wires made the connections less resistive but essentially that was all it needed. Oh and a new lightbulb, which I will probably replace with an LED version. The nice bit is I managed to retain the patina of the copper housing. The lamp is now part of the in vehicle toolkit. I need to form two bars to protect the lamp in use but it’s nice, I like it.


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