Mitigation plan

The Riley and I are starting to travel further from home as my confidence grows but inevitably, one day it will break down due to sheer age of the car. As a get me home plan, I purchased a practically new towing ‘A’ frame which now lives in the back of the family X5. This device enables me to connect the Riley onto the tow bar without the need for anyone to actually be in the Riley whilst it is being towed. The Riley simply follows the tow car all by itself.

I took it out for a test and it works like magic. It was quite strange seeing the Riley steering wheel turn when we go round corners but apart from that it is really easy to tow cars now. The X5 is perfectly capable of pulling the Riley so we now have the means of getting it home. With a safety net now in place, I will be venturing out to a classic car show this weekend which will be the furthest I have driven the car so far. If we break down – I just have to ask ‘the guvnor’ to bring the X5 to me. We can also take the X5 to race events as a just in case I break the Riley thing.


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