Centrifugal Clutch p2

The internet is a wonderful thing – Facebook has a Riley enthusiasts group and the folks in that group have been jolly helpful  over the last few months. I have now found someone who has a spare clutch drive plate to replace my grotesquely worn one *and* he is very kindly putting new friction material on the trashed friction discs for a very reasonable price. So life is positive again.

Whilst I am waiting for the parts to be delivered to me – I continued my work on freeing up the centrifuge weights and fettling all the worn/damaged metal back to a working state. I noticed that one of the square locating pins was free to rotate slightly and seeing as that sits in a rectangular guide slot, rotating (and possibly snagging) is a bad thing. All I had to do was remove the flywheel to get to the securing nut. This was a Haynes instruction manual moment – “simply undo the 6 bolts and remove”. Except the ‘remove’ part took several hours and much correspondence to the Riley forum. Apparently hitting it hard with a large hammer is an acceptable technique (which worked). The pin is now in its right position.

All I had to do now was clean up the faces of the flywheel and the pressure plate so the new friction plates had a clean surface to work against. I was rather pleased to find the surfaces were pretty good and it was only the damaged drive plate that took all the wear.

I now wait for the parts to arrive and the engine can go back in.


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