Exhaust Manifold

The 4 branch stainless steel exhaust manifold was custom built for the car but unfortunately the flange that bolts the manifold to the cylinder head had warped during construction and despite all attempts it refused to seal in the gasses on cylinder number two.

In my heart I knew there was only really one answer – I need heavy duty machinery to re-surface the face so that it becomes absolutely flat and true. That is something I cant do because it requires a large milling machine. Luckily I have a friend who teaches and runs the machine shop at a local university.  Liking a challenge outside of normal education, he took the manifold away to work out how to clamp the unwieldy item securely and more importantly – square. The challenge achieved – all it took then was to let the industrial milling machine do its job. Given that the material is stainless steel (which is very hard) – I rather imagine it took some time but it came back looking nice and flat. I now had a smile on my face and a nice bottle of Premier Cru swapping hands in trade meant we were both happy.

The manifold sits noticeably better against the cylinder head which has to make a difference. Now to re-order some replacement gaskets – funnily enough I have run out…


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