Instrument panel

After an awful lot of filing and shaping, cutting and drilling, the instrument panel is now taking shape. The position of the instruments is partly down to available space either on the actual panel or behind it. The positioning of the steering wheel and the intended priority of use.

The tachometer (rev counter) is more important than the speedometer so the speedo is smaller. Good job really because it is a perfect fit into the available space.

The other instruments are positioned so that the driver can see them 🙂

Also fitted is a battery cutoff switch (to meet race regulations) and a big Claxon button for the big Claxon ah-ooh-ga horn.

I am trying to keep the panel uncluttered but I imagine it will fill up over time as needs must.

The panel will be highly polished only once and then be allowed to mellow with age until it reaches a soft satin sheen.

Next steps are to build in reinforcing strips and a soft rolled lower edge to protect knees from abrasion.

I am quite please with the half way stage…


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