Aeroscreen glass

Well this evening was different and another step into the unknown…

The replacement glass for the Brooklands screens (actually called aeroscreens because they were fitted on WW1 aircraft) was of course new, the period 1930’s Brooklands frames are not new. Ipso-Facto naturally, the replacement glass doesn’t fit. It is very slightly too big for the original frames. Deep sigh of frustration – what to do?

I cleaned out the channels in the frames until they were spotless – but the glass still didn’t fit. Also, I discover that strangely one Brooklands frame is fractionally larger than the other. Strangely? Perhaps not, I have to remember they were made in the 1930’s when the quality mantra was probably “near enough is good enough”. Actually I should adopt that phrase at work, life would be far less stressful. But this doesn’t help me –  i need custom fitted glass.

I then had a thought – the people that created the replacement glass have ground the edges smooth. So if *they* can grind the edges smooth – then I can grind the edges back until the glass is smaller… This for me is a pretty scary idea, I dont even know if it is actually possible in a home garage. But when did that ever stop me?

My weapon of choice is of course my trusty angle grinder fitted with the most evil,  sanding disk I could lay my hands on. Spinning at 14,000rpm and with a light touch, I approached the glass with a degree of nervousness and gently brushed the leading edge  with the grinder… to my surprise, it *did* leave a sanding mark… so I continued gently stroking the glass with the evil grinder over quite a period of time until I had removed close to 3mm off one edge of the glass.

Below you can see the laminated glass held securely in a vice so that I could sand the offending edges. The ground areas are not visible so they dont need to be pretty.


I then did the same on the horizontally opposed side. Although this was jolly boring (and noisy – sorry neighbors) the glass now slid about 75% of the way into the frame. Fast forward a few hours and I now have 2 fully fitted Brooklands aeroscreens.


And in case you ask – yes the passenger aeroscreen *IS* supposed to be at an angle – If it was mounted horizontally true – the gap underneath would make it nigh on pointless. So nobody does that.

So far, i am properly pleased with how the car is progressing – our vintage sports car is beginning to emerge. IMG_3706

Poop Poop!


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