Oh how I laughed… i thought i had fitted all the parts i need to in order for the engine to hold water, sadly I found that was not the case. The hoses needed clamps, the pipe from the waterpump to the side of the engine was loose but most annoyingly – the exhaust manifold studs are it transpires drilled into the water jacket. Naturally when I filled up the radiator – i had 4 nice waterfalls…

Oh. I would normally just put a few drops of stud sealer onto the threads or more often as not seal the threads with PTFE tape but this is the exhaust manifold and it will get jolly hot. Much pondering later and many conversations with other Vintage car owners i opted for both PTFE tape and thread sealer. So the exhaust manifold is now fully bolted into place. I have jumped over the joys of making the exhaust manifold gaskets after the many hours of filing the holes of the 10mm thick stainless steel manifold.

 photo IMG_3409_zpspvkesaye.jpg

So here are all the completed components of the cooling…

The non standard (but period) waterpump complete with a brass bung (crafted on the lathe) to fill in another inlet hole that i have no use for.
 photo IMG_3414_zpsgn4msqzz.jpg

The non standard pipe work from the waterpump to the radiator and the one into the side of the engine
 photo IMG_3411_zpsoo1chov1.jpg

The non standard alloy pipe from the top of the engine up to the radiator – also fitted with the sender for the temperature guage
 photo IMG_3413_zpsf4elchyg.jpg

So now in theory I have a thermo-syphoning cooling system assisted by a mechanically driven water pump.


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