Progress has naturally slowed down now that i back at work and the work that i have done since it arrived home is not too exciting because pretty much all i am doing is taking the body apart and smoothing away all the sharp edges. Coach-builders must have hands made of sterner stuff than my mine are, it didnt take long before i had quite a few slices taken out of my hands. I am getting there but it is taking time to ‘finish’ all the panels and converting self tapping screws to brass roundhead setscrews as I go.

The car is now up as high as i can get it in order to finish the underside and to plan out where the fuel pipe will run, where the battery will go, I need to take the sump off to look at the engine internals, drain the gearbox.. there are a million jobs to do the hard part is deciding what to do first…

Trial fitting the headlamps was the chosen quick win. The new mounting arms have been made from tubular steel formed into a pleasing swan neck shape and welded to substantial steel plate shaped to fit onto the chassis rail. At the bottom of the headlamps is a ball shape about 75mm in diameter which fits into a reciprocal shaped cup washer and the whole thing is then clamped down tight using the tubular bolt that fits through the cup washer and the mounting arm. Naturally I didnt have said cup washers but eventually found a pair on ebay for a couple of pounds. I need to finish the shaping of that cup washer so it fits flush onto the supporting arm but that’s not a big job.

Design wise these supports needed careful thought : they had to be placed so they didn’t block the radiator, they had to project slightly outwards so that on coming traffic saw 2 lights and knew it was a car, but they can’t be too far towards the outside otherwise the wheels would hit them AND they had to be sited so that the bonnet could open! I am pleased to say they fit and are in the right place. Phew.

Also ‘in production’ is a custom built aluminium pipe running from the top of the engine into the radiator. The chaps at bespoke bodywork produced the ‘S’ shaped pipe out of sections of aluminium neatly tig welded together. My job is to sand all those welds down so that the pipe is aesthetically more pleasing and looks like it is supposed to be like that. The task is task consuming and most people will not even notice the pipe. I will post a picture when it is good enough to fit.

The search goes on for 2 more wheels to be the spares mounted on the back. I refuse to buy new ones…


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