Bodywork complete

A major milestone today – Bespoke Bodywork have completed their work, delivered the car back home and helped me push it inside the garage. I am thrilled, it has come out just the way I imagined and looks exactly like the sports-car I wanted it to be. There have been a few compromises along the way but nothing major that detracted from my vision.So overall I am a happy man.

First thing I tried? Getting in and out of the car… luckily that is pretty straightforward and will get even easier over time, for the rear passengers – you can literally jump in and out, so I am happy. More than happy actually, i love the car already.

I guess these are the photos you have been waiting for so I will let the pictures do the talking… apologies for the car being in the garage where the light is not great – I could not keep the transporter crew hanging around whilst i took a ton of pictures. I will have plenty of time to take better ones.

Many thanks to Chris, Dan and Harry at Bespoke Bodywork, you gentlemen listened to all my requirements, accepted my constant input with good humor and put up with my twice weekly visits to your workshop. In a little under two months you transformed my vision and my sketches into something solid. Your work is outstanding and I will certainly be recommending you to other vintage car enthusiasts.

If you are interested in some of their other work pop over to the Bespoke Bodywork Website

So here it is…. our vintage sports-car! I look forward to all the family days out (and a little bit of competition driving with the VSCC)


A fair amount of the side exhaust will be ‘heat-wrapped’ to prevent people burning themselves – just in case you wondered.

All the individual panels are temporarily held in position by crosshead screws / 6mm bolts… these all need to be replaced (over time) with period round-head screws and Whitworth bolts etc. The bodywork will almost certainly need to be adjusted as it settles into its final position and the areas where panels rub etc have been identified before painting. A coat of paint is a long way off and the car will be driven in naked aluminum until it is truly ready for colour… the fun starts here.

Put your name down if you want a ride… I am starting the list…


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