Final fitting…

This week the Riley is being put back together.

All the bodywork, floors, transmission tunnel, bulkhead, firewall, mud guards etc had been removed for final finishing. Essentially this is the fettling phase of the build where the entire bodywork is checked over by lightly sanding with a Scotch-Brite abrasive – this shows up where any little bumps or dips might be. The marine ply flooring receives a dark stain and a protective coating. The various brackets  and finished off removing any sharp edges etc and the gaps between panels are checked and adjusted. From this point the car really starts looking like a car.

Chris is currently manufacturing the external exhaust system in the style of the Brooklands race cars. The 4 pipes on the exhaust manifold all exit the side of the bonnet and merge into a single pipe that smoothly increases in size. This then feeds into a single ‘Brooklands’ silencer (which is specifically shaped empty box) and then the pipe follows the contours of the body tub out over the rear mud guard. I look forward to hearing it more than I will admit to…

As of today the car is partly reassembled and I have to say I am extremely pleased with it. In my eyes is a beautiful looking vintage sports car, it looks fabulous and certainly has a wow factor. I will share pictures when it is completely back together and ready to come home.



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