Bodywork update 3

This week was a little bit stressful but in a good way if that is possible – this week I decided once and for all the actual body shape, all the bonnet lines, the length, angle, the curvature, where the hinges will be, the height of the passenger sides and where it needs to curve outwards, the most distinctive part – the shape of the arm cutouts etc.

Once this was agreed at a tangible level (not just a sketch) the skeleton of the bodywork commenced, there is now no going back. Calm my racing heart…

We have decided the Artisans are building me a strong but light body (we all want one of those) and the material of choice is T61 aircraft quality aluminum. The bodywork frame will be formed out of 3mm thick tubing that is so strong it has to be annealed (heated up and allowed to cool slightly) before it can be bent. It was fun watching the chaps go red trying to saw the tube into lengths that would fit their tooling. I will not write a thousand words about this part and allow the pictures to do the talking. In the photos below, apart from the instrument panel section – everything is lightly tacked into place – it will only be fully welded once all the tubing is in place and we are all happy with it.

 photo DSC_6521_zpslhbgmccq.jpg
 photo DSC_6530_zpsmmmm4p35.jpg
 photo DSC_6534_zpssgpiz8io.jpg
 photo DSC_6537_zps3iv2zrjm.jpg
 photo DSC_6543_zpse6gyllyq.jpg
 photo IMG_2863_zpsxvc1n0p3.jpg
 photo IMG_2868_zpsnjqzq9vw.jpg
 photo IMG_2871_zpssgi533c4.jpg
 photo IMG_2872_zpsnjfemzfg.jpg

Oh and this is ‘Rusty’, the Artisans faithful hound that had my measure and forced me to kick a piece of wood around the workshop for him to chase ALL DAY! That dog has infinite energy!
 photo IMG_2867_zpsbxh1dli6.jpg

I look forward to next week – in my mind i can see the finished car and it is beginning to take shape and progress will be made in leaps once the frame is completed…


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