Major Milestone

There is no going back now… the Riley has been shipped off to the coach builders who will weave their magic and take sheets of flat aluminum and my rolling chassis and turn them into a ‘vintage sports car’.

Over the last few months, I have been creating sketches of my ideas for the overall shape and whilst not every tiny detail has been thought through yet, I know things like the angle I want the bonnet to slope up towards the passengers, how much the bonnet needs to curve to wrap around the engine, where I need power bulges to create air space for the two carburetors, the lines of louvers to release heat, the height of the passenger area sides, the cutouts in the side panels for my elbows to flap around whilst heaving the steering wheel about, the shape of the foot-wells and pedal area, how the exhaust will exit out the side of the bonnet and run down the side of the car, wind deflector positioning (cant call them windscreens they are far too small), the dashboard shape, firewall positioning etc etc.

Over the next few weeks I envisage I will have more than a few visits to Bespoke Bodywork  (follow the link to see some of their work) in order for many smaller decisions to be made. Its one thing creating  drawings of what you think looks right – but its another to see it in the flesh. I am told they expect to complete the bodywork towards the end of January.  It will come back with the entire body hand built and ready for paint, complete with wings, vintage bucket seats, headlamp mounts, exhaust system etc all in place. All I need to do then is take the empty shell and build up the car…

It’s pretty exciting…

What will it look like? you will have to wait and see… but it will be unique – in period style, in period build methods and in period build quality <coughs>

I will of course be taking pictures of the work as they progress but here it is in its nakedness… the piece of wood is pretty much the line of the top of the bonnet



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