Starting handle

Every vintage car should have one including mine – naturally it was missing. But I managed to find one that granted was not for my car but it right the right end fitting and more importantly it was the right price – i.e. very cheap. Only one problem it was 6″ too long.

So after a little careful measuring out came the trusty angle grinder to reduce it down. The handle itself is 1/2″ steel bar but the piece i really wanted was the shaped tube that engaged with a T shaped peg deep inside the dynamo which in turn was directly connected to the crankshaft. Turn the dynamo and you turn the crankshaft. Im not sure if i am looking forward to trying that one day or not…

I have finally worked out the best setting for my welding equipment and I am pretty confident i can weld structural parts of the car now. Which is a good job because I want to mount twin spare wheels on the back on the car which is something the Riley never had so there is nothing i can buy – i have to design and make it. But thats a story for another day…

For the starting handle – all I had to do was cut off the tube that i mentioned earlier and remove 6″ from the end of the bar. Then slide the tube onto the bar where i needed it to be and weld it back on. Simples and it was too… so there you have it a genuine vintage starting handle that is now the right length. A touch of de-rusting and a coat of paint and it will be as good as new.



Next I needed a bracket on the front chassis member which is basically a tube welded to a slotted bracket and there you go job done. The handle does of course not stay sticking out like that which is a shame as it would come in handy for spearing stray old ladies


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