Radiator cap

The nice radiator cap I purchased at Beaulieu of course doesn’t fit a Riley radiator so a bit of engineering needs to be done.

Problem – the diameter of the new cap is MUCH bigger than the neck of the radiator. Sorry about the rubbish photo – but you can just see the problem I think.IMG_2124.JPG

Solution : make a spacer to thread into the radiator with an external thread that matches the new cap. How do I do that then? A wrinkled brow usually does it and after a nice cup of tea a solution pops into mind. The original cap is made of brass AND is big enough to be machined down to meet the needs… now where is that tatty old cap… below is my nice one just for reference… i have a tatty, bashed about one that will be a great donor.IMG_2170.JPG

And the tatty version of cap gets mounted on a lathe and machined down to be the convertor that I need…


The convertor screws into the radiator and the the Racing Cap screws onto the convertor like this:



Nice. I like that.


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