Shock absorbers Part 2

The hard part has been working out how to make the chassis mount in a way that it will be strong enough.

This is how I thought it might work. The problem being the chassis is at a slight angle to the Hartford.

I found a 1 square meter sheet of 7mm steel in the garden so that will make an awful lot of bracketry and would have been hugely expensive to buy. The surface rust makes no difference to me 🙂

However sawing 7mm sheet is hard work so to see how the bracket would look, I made up some fibreboard versions. I think that will look quite nice

All I need to do now is cut some 1″ round steel bar to length, drill and tap it with a 1/2″ BSF thread, weld it at the correct angle, drill some mounting holes, paint it…

It all seems so easy to write but takes a chunk of time…. back soon


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