Fuel & gears

A little more work completed on the fuel system… the pipework from the fuel pump (not yet fitted) to the carburettors is now complete and the antiquing of the metal work is underway. Its all beginning to look like a nice period setup now which I am quite pleased with. I have also made some choke linkage which is not fitted in this photo.

Next I was wondering why the gear selector was a little floppy and taking off the cover i found what is clearly NOT a period part…

With a little trepidation, i removed the loose screws and found the lever had snapped at some point and some creative owner had simply bolted the (frankly rubbish) fixing plate to the spring steel lever. Now I have to find a similarly creative ‘fix’ so that the gear selector lever is more firmly fixed into place. When I look at the remaining steel I can see WHY it snapped. There is very little metal between the 2 mounting holes and over time the movement of the lever simply stresses the metal until it snaps. Apparently this is a common problem but there doesn’t appear to be a common ‘fix’ which is a pity. The problem is that the arm is made of spring steel so I can’t weld, braze or even silver solder a new metal extension to it. Hmm a little thinking required here.

What does this mean in terms of driving the car? Well right now it means that gear selection is somewhat vague with a high chance of neutral being engaged, plus top gear doesn’t get selected at all – although the operating mechanism ‘feels’ like it does… how do I know this? I took the top off the gearbox and had a look to check…

I have never seen a gearbox like this before, but i can see that when you select first gear the pointy metal bit 2nd in from the right moves up to the adjustable nut. 2nd gear selected means the middle pointy bit moves up to its nut relaxing the first gear pointy bit and so on up to top gear (far left). EXCEPT that when selecting top gear the point bit DOESNT move up to the nut, because the gear select lever is too floppy. Which means – i have no top gear! (yes I know in the photo 4th gear is selected! I moved the mechanism to be sure that it actually worked – thank you for noticing)

My learned vintage motor friends say to me that having a top gear is a good thing to have in a car. So on that basis I will have a go at fixing it.

Also apart on the work bench is part of the braking system (also floppy), I deducted that having flapping linkages is probably not a good thing with rod operated brakes that I suspect may not be quite as efficient as a modern cars.

Im glad I looked, some idiot had replaced the main swivel pin by welding a bolt onto the bracket in its place (the bolt is also too thin!) and so what had happened is the bolt had literally sawn through the bronze bush. End result is that its a floppy as a floppy thing having a bad hair day. A new bronze bush needs to be found and all the bodges removed.

Why are other peoples bodges always so much worse than your own <smiles>


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