Down a bit, down a bit…

The radiator. I want it lower. Why? Because it looks better. In theory this is pretty easy to do. You can:

Option 1: take the existing radiator to a vintage radiator restoration company, have them make and install a new radiator core that is shorter (£££)

Option 2: take it to a modern radiator company and have them make a new radiator core that is smaller (££ and looks wrong)

Option3: I could grind off all the mounting brackets on the chassis, make new ‘longer/lower’ brackets and weld them back on (£0). Yep Option 3 sounds good.

Here is one of the new brackets that will lower the radiator up to 4 inches. This needs to be fairly strong too as not only does it support the radiator – but also the bonnet. So its made out of 2mm galvanised steel which was pretty tricky to bend into this shape I can tell you. Once I have worked out exactly how high to make the radiator, the bracket will be made ‘pretty’ with gently curving edges and rounded corners etc

Below is a trial fitting view which I think is about right with the radiator sunk down between the chassis rails just enough. I have also moved it backwards and tilted it backwards slightly (its more aerodynamic that way – haha). Next step is a trial fitting of the bonnet so that i can see what the whole show will look like before I commit the radiator brackets to the welder. Watch this space as I have to work out how to support the rear of the bonnet to do that…

You may also notice in the picture above that the engine now has 2 carburettors…  I had to refer to photographs of old racing machinery to create all the linkages but naturally I made it all in brass period style. Its not finished as i want to age the brass somewhat and get rid of those nasty shiny zinc plated bolts (you must be able to buy brass ones) but when i press the loud pedal everything moves as it should. Fabulous. Jolly pleased with that and the photos dont do it justice.

The vintage go-cart is coming along.


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