Clock restoration

Well restoration is a bit of a strong term… the clock that came with the car is a Jaeger 8 day wind up timepiece. Except in my case it wound up but didn’t run, had no hands and was generally fairly battered. Jaeger gauges seem to cost a premium which is a bit silly really as they were manufactured by “Smiths” in France but were used on the more prestigious cars (otherwise they are exactly the same). All my Jaeger gauges have a black face which is common nowadays but was a lot more unusual back in the 30’s.

Looking on eBay, i was stunned to see how expensive they were to replace and thought I am not paying that for a clock that keeps stopping every week. But very recently I managed to but another broken one for £0.99p simply because no one else wanted it. But *I* wanted the hands and £0.99p was well worth it. Then in the same week, I managed to win a WORKING clock that had an extremely discoloured face, bad chrome work and the ‘wrong’ wind-up knob for a mere £6. Again because no-one wanted a clock that looked that bad… I however didn’t need the nasty clock face, or the case and could MAKE a much better wind-up knob…

So here is the fruits of my toil…

Note the colour of the face – its supposed to be a pale ivory colour, and that very wacky knob with which you both set the hands and wind up the clock. I had fitted the ‘new’ hands so that I could check they didn’t foul anywhere.

And this is my conversion to the correct Riley face, with the hands re-purposed in a distressed white and the brass knob I re-engineered to fit the clock

The hands are a little bright compared to the numbers and will need a little more distressing I think. Also the brass knob is better than the one that came with the clock but is a bit too slippery to use to wind up the clock. I think a knurled fitting would be more efficient so I am on the lookout for something that would work…


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