Chassis rail repaired

Chassis repair
The chassis is in pretty good condition and the only age related damage I can find was a small (50mm) corroded hole near the passenger back wheel

Nothing particularly drastic although a little fiddly to repair as you need to ‘let-in’ the metal rather than simply patch over the hole. The chassis is made out of 4mm steel (approximately) and my stock of metal that thick is pretty limited but luckily I had a piece I could trim to size and shape once the rust had been cut out. There were also a few smaller areas that were corroded thinner than they should be so those were cleaned up, ‘filled’ with weld and then ground smooth.

And here is the finished result:

The problem is that the repair is smoother than the surrounding metal which has a dimpled look. oh well never mind, i doubt anyone will notice once its got dirty…

Next job…. inlet manifold again
I noticed that the 1 3/8th carburettors had a larger bore than the inlet manifold, not too surprising as the learned gentlemen back in the 30’s seemed to know very little about the need for a smooth air flow. Sadly there is not much I can do with a square tube manifold that has the internal aerodynamics of a brick. Which is why they probably refer to it as a ‘log’. So I machined out the inlet ports of the manifold as best i could so that the fuel-air mixture didn’t hit a vertical ridge before entering the manifold. Its far from ideal but a lot better than the original

Radiator Surround

Lastly for today… the radiator surround was damaged by previous owners who bless their cotton socks, decided to hacksaw up the bottom (sounds nasty) and roll the metal up about 50mm. Why? I have no idea, its not as if it hits anything. But I wanted to repair it. The surround itself is made from brass which is then chrome plated. As you expect the chrome was in a pretty poor state and after a lot of buffing – it still looked rubbish and would never do. So I dropped it off to a local chrome company and asked them to strip it back to brass. This is very cheap to do and would then let me repair the hacksaw marks.

But when I saw it in its naked form, I suddenly had an alternative idea… i will leave it as raw brass, as i quite like it. The brass can age gracefully so after a subtle polish with some wire wool thats it…

A good day today.


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