I’ll just cure that drip…

The radiator held water but the bottom hose dripped slightly and under closer scrutiny I discover the previous owner had poured about a pound of molten lead all around the hose connector in an attempt to cure said drip. Thats not how I do things so I removed the lead to see what the problem was…

Below is a picture of the reason. The radiator is brass (because it doesn’t rust), the pipe was ordinary steel and in the picture you can see a small round hole in it. Lead doesn’t stick to rusty steel so water was sneaking its way through that hole and under the lead to then ‘drip’.

The solution is to fix that dirty great hole with a brass patch and to then braze in a Brass / Copper pipe for the radiator hose. A job for another day as I have run out of brazing rods…

And when I tipped up the radiator all this fell out…

Logically the engine is in the same state so I have filled the engine with muriatic acid to convert the rust to a water soluble solution


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