Engine block repairs Part 2

The cracked block repair seems to be holding up or at least for a moment, it is keeping the water on the inside which is a positive step but I noticed a small dribble from one of the 3 hot spot tubes. These are an archaic idea stemming back to when petrol was of a poor quality, heat from the exhaust manifold and engine block was passed through the block to the inlet manifold to stop the carburettor(s) icing up. That doesn’t happen these days so the tubes are redundant. Trouble is although they are hot air tubes they route through the waterway of the engine block and of course they slowly corrode. The solution is to seal up the tubes so that it does not matter if they leak or not… so thats what i will have to do.

Otherwise the engine is now clean the repaired section is suitably not visible and it is looking quite nice. NOW i want it to get dusty and stop looking so nice…

Its painted a dark blue to ‘match’ the colour of the car bodywork, but the chassis will be black.


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