thermostat housing

Funny what you find under layers of grease…

I left the thermostat housing in a bath of running degreaser overnight and then gave it a bit of a scrub with a toothbrush and i found it was made of bronze. Very nice, thank you I like pretty metals.

Naturally when i tried to undo the bolts holding the two parts together they both snapped the studs – which meant i had to grind them down and then drill them out trying my best not to destroy the threads. Takes time that does but we got there in the end.

Silly bit is, I want to lower the radiator so that lovely bronze piece may well become redundant as its too tall… we shall see.

So many things to work on its easy to get distracted. Chassis paint is on order have umm’d and ahh’d over what colour it should be. Its an important decision because an awful lot of this car will be on show when originally it would have been buried under bodywork.

Next job – removing the old body retaining brackets as i keep smashing my shins on them and they too are redundant (the brackets not my shins). Once they are removed I can work my way along the chassis with some decent anti rust treatment.

I must also repair that leak in the engine block and and and and… so much fun to have 🙂


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