Big Clean & water pump part 2

Its surprising how tenaciously 80 year old grease sticks to metal.. i am finding that the only thing that shifts it is neat petrol and a stiff brush, followed by metal cleaner, followed by a strong stream of water. My (recently deceased) jet wash didn’t shift it…

Its time consuming and very messy but its the only way i guess to get the car back to where it used to be without damaging the patina pf age. And yes i was careful not to get water inside the engine through the inlet & exhaust ports 🙂

The alloy parts are coming up much cleaner as you can see with the gearbox and bottom of the steering column and look at all those lovely brass parts… i must resist the temptation to polish them 😦 A few more weeks of grease removal and I might, just might be able to start cleaning up the chassis ready for paint.

it *looks* like the block was originally a pale battleship grey as there is a small amount of paint left on the block.

The water pump? I still can’t get the darn impeller out of the body, looks like the shaft has corroded onto it and as there is no seal behind the impeller – water pours out so it either HAS to come apart of it goes in the bin. The later I am trying to avoid as it costs money to replace.


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