Waterpump destruction

Here it is, a bit grubby but a genuine 30’s water pump which not all Riley’s had and some would argue never needed anyway as the radiator was more than capable of keeping the engine cool.The faceplate with that vertical pipe is completely wrong as it should point 45 degrees down and to the right. You may remember I traded all the rusty body panels for a new one so I thought I would swap them over before putting the thing in a box in the loft. Sadly 80 years of alloy touching mild steel meant that the metals had a serious reaction and had fused together the face plate and two of the securing nuts were now a single unit. I managed to chisel off the offending nuts but the face plate still would not come off and in the end it just shattered… no big deal as i didn’t need it but still a shame as it probably had a little bit of resale valueThis did of course mean that I could now see the impeller and disappointingly it has more play in it than a nursery school. I mean it is seriously wobbly and I can imagine if it had actually been connected to the engine – it would have trashed itself very very quickly so it will need to come out so that i can see exactly which part of it is worn to excess.The retaining studs of course were to far gone to be reused so I tried to undo them. Naturally they were a single fused unit with the pump body too and 5 of the 6 studs snapped. hohum… But I can probably drill new holes and fit new studs so i *might* still be able to use the body *if* i can get the impeller undone. Right now it is saying “no”.So overall – not an overly productive day… so to finish off I am soaking the metal pipe seen in the first picture in rust removing fluid (a mild acid) to see if I can remove any of the corrosion inside it…Lets see what it looks like after soaking for 24 hours…


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