Its alive……

The Riley is now in the garage alongside the Etype with enough room to walk around both cars, get in and out of the Etype and be able to work on the car… phew!

Getting it into the garage wasn’t much of a problem, it just needed 3 people to push it and a smaller person to steer. Easy. Downside is that moving it in and out of the garage is not a one person job so I have been looking at electric winches on eBay. Its a solution to pulling the car up over the threshold ramp of the garage which is just that little bit too steep for a one man operation.

So next step I thought – lets get the engine running, not just “started”.

Step 1 – find that baked bean tin fuel feed and make it a little safer. Tick
Step 2 – battery charged and connected to the car. Tick
Step 3 – work out how to apply the choke when the cable is not connected and the linkages are all spring loaded. Engineering solution – A stick suitably inserted into the linkage seems to do the job. Tick
Step 4 – hotwire the ignition coil to the battery
Step 5 – move the manual advance -retard to the middle position (because I have no idea where it should be to start the car!)
Step 6 – press the button on the back of the starter motor (oh yeah). Tick

Hooooeeeeee – he’s alive check out the video

Link to video 🙂

Now how do I turn it off…..


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