Hmm… how to restore something thats rusty so that it doesn’t look new…

The trouble with shot blasting parts of old cars is that yes it removes all the surface rust but it also makes the item look new. If my aim is to build a 1930’s competition vehicle that looks like its been competed in for 80 years, then the various bits *can’t* look new they have to look…. well original but in suprisingly good condition 🙂

So tonight I am trying some alchemy – Oxalic acid. This is similar to stomach acid but a little stronger. Although not its primary purpose, it has the ability to dissolve rust, its really cheap and readily available, not particularly dangerous and all you have to do is soak bits and pieces in it over night. It doesn’t harm chrome or the base metal either. I will then soak the item in another chemical that gives it a very thin zinc coating which inhibits the part rusting again. If I then give it a coat of matt lacquer it should stay looking decent but old. We shall see, I have never done this before

Tomorrow I am trading the remains of the body shell for some parts that I need to get the engine up and running properly, namely water pump parts, hoses etc. Seeing as I dont actually want the remains of the body and was going to throw them away any parts in exchange are a positive step. I am now appreciating that everything on a vintage car has value to someone that is missing that bit. So i have carefully removed and stored all sorts of (to me) junk that will go on ebay.


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