I aint got no…… body….

Well thats it, the last of the bodywork has now been removed and I can finally see what I have to play with. I am pleased to say that apart from the small hole close to the nearside rear wheel the chassis is in surprisingly good shape. Filthy, greasy and covered in surface rust but solid.

Below is my faithful assistant seeing if it suits as her first car.

The steering wheel angle is highly adjustable so that has been brought lower, The seats will be approximately 8″ lower than original so that means the radiator has to be lowered about 4″. The majority of vintage race cars have a eye level slightly above the bonnet so thats what we will aim for

Now its time to see where the back seats can be place.

This is as far back as they can go, but she won’t be getting a door… in fact I dont think *anyone* will be getting a door… and I think the handbrake lever would look better on the outside of the car (Bentley style) but thats getting ahead of myself. NOW I can start cleaning everything up…. would you believe the car is actually drivable like this?


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