VSCC evaluation day

A key milestone today. The Vintage Sports Car Club wanted to visit the Riley to ascertain whether it could or could not be restored. If in their eyes the car could be restored then they would not permit me to rebody it as an open tourer AND enter it into their motorsport competitions. A lovely man drove over who must have been as old as the Riley and took a quick walk round it and said, “you have quite a project there”. We then went on to talk about what I planned to do with the car and he gave me a few tips about designing the bodywork – which I took to be a positive sign. But we have to wait and see, I am now on tenterhooks…

Either way, the body will be coming off from today. I was contacted by a Riley specialist who asked if he can have the remains of the floorpan as he has a customer who has nothing and wants him to build one. So step 1, get the seats out. I couldn’t work out how to get at the fixings which are inside the seat runners – which of course were seized with age. So I took the whole seat section of floorpan out with the seats still attached. That done, a liberal coating of PlusGas got the runners unseized and the seats (with a little coaxing) slid off the runners. I could then see the ‘screws’, these too received a spray of PlusGas and then every one of the 12 screws simply came out… stunning as I bet they havnt moved since 1935!

So seats are out, the last of the floor pan remains are out and 3 of the body mounts are disconnected / fell off… I am still trying to work out how to lift the whole bodyshell off but thats for another day.

So I jet washed the entire car, chassis, enginebay, steering – everything…. its amazing how much grease there is and how many parts are made of brass 🙂 nice.


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