It all starts here

01 taking away

This is a 1935 Riley Falcon, a 1.5 litre, 4 door luxury saloon that once upon  a time was someones pride and joy. The body is hand formed aluminum, with a full leather interior and lots of extras such as a sunroof, automatically oiled suspension, a tilting windscreen, rod operated brakes and of course the new fangled pre-select gearbox, oh and a hand throttle, distributor advance/retard controls on the steering column… fabulous what more could a man want…

Well the floor is missing entirely as is the boot, there is no chrome, glass or interior, the rear seat is missing and the two front ones appear to have been eaten by rats. There are no doors on the driver side because the door pillar rotted away as did a lot of the support for the rear bodywork which has collapsed. Apparently the body was supposed to have a wooden frame made from ash – well thats missing too…

But the engine is not seized, and the steering and brakes (ish) move and the cross-ply remould tyres hold air 🙂

The car has its original registration number and is recognised by the DVLA and the Riley Register so that makes it a real car and not just a pile of bits. Most importantly it is a narrow track car and it has the more powerful 1.5ltr engine which is a twin cam, hemi head and so is highly tunable for more speed.

The car is now recorded with the Vintage Sports Car Club as being rebodied. So the fun starts here…. look past what it looks like now and pop over to the “the future” page on this site for a taste of what might be in a few years time.


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