You’re only supposed to…


Ah the classic line from the Italian Job… You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”…

Ok fair enough I didnt actually need explosives, I used a screwdriver to ease apart the lace of rust and oops off came the door pillar along with the passenger front door. The rear door was a little more troublesome as it meant undoing a couple of rusty wood screws. I did this part nicely as I wanted to keep the original brass door hinges just-in-case I need them at a later date.

So now, pretty much all that is holding the last of the aluminum body work on is a large lump of solid rust that used to be a body mount, a bolt holding a small roof frame to the inner wheel arch and a join just above the windscreen. I might have to actually angle grind that apart.

I can almost get to the raw chassis rails now to see if we have any major problems. So far though, looking underneath the not-very-connected floor pan is a solid looking chassis 🙂

Oh and I managed to get the sunroof to open – bit pointless really but hey…


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